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Luxury Real Estate in Rome, Italy, region Lazio

Luxury Real Estate in Rome, Italy, region Lazio

Lazio is a region of Italy which is home to 5 891 582 people, the second, after Lombardy and a lot populated region of Italy. Bounded on the North-West with Tuscany, on the North by Umbria, on the North-East with the Marche to the East with Abruzzo and Molise, in the South-East with the Campaign, on the West by the Tyrrhenian sea. In Lazio, is the most important city in Italy and perhaps the world, the Italian capital, Rome, which originated in 753 bc, on April 21. Eternal and ever-green city... "man is a good mile closer to God"... - wrote Gogol, the russian poet.

The Anglo-Saxon chronicler, a monk from Northumbria (England) named the Venerabilis Baeda (672 or 673-735гг.) written in Latin, these prophetic words - "While stands the Colosseum, there will be a Rome, but if fall the Colosseum, fall of Rome, and if Rome falls, falls the world."

Every city of Italy is a unique place, which you will not find in any other country. Everything here tells a story from the stones of the ancient bridge; ancient sculptures, which were so generously showered the city; incredible frescoes that adorn the arches of every Church; here you are in an instant transported from the third Millennium to a Millennium ago - before the birth of Christ!

"Italy is a beautiful country, it is - all the joys and delights of the earth... full of love and a sea of carovani!"- wrote russian poet Gogol.

Who loves history, ancient architecture, fabulous state of peace and an air of love, about which he wrote all coming poets and writers, he naturally will choose the city of Rome, to live in it. Everyone who came to Rome noticed that here the time stops that no longer need and don't feel like rushing... and that breathing is quite different... "the Sky is great, I drink it the air and forget the whole world..." wrote russian poet Gogol. And every tourist on his return home, after some time, he again wanted in Rome...

An extraordinary city, the capital of the state inside which there is another independent state - the Vatican.

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